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News & Events

8/15/2015 - Crime Stoppers Foot Pursuit

Backup law enforcement in a foot pursuit of "fleeing felons".  You`ll be guided through the unconventional 5-k run by "eyewitnesses".  Your pursuit may take you down an alley, through a building, and over obstacles.  Keep an eye out for tossed "contraband" along the way. 


You`ll be given "wanted posters" before you set out to walk your 2- mile beat looking for "fugitives". 

REWARDS will be given to first place run finishers, and for "apprehensions" and "contraband collection".

August 15, 2015
Four Winds Field
8:00 -
9:00 - Foot Patrol/2-mile walk
9:15 - Pursuit, 5-k run

*Pre-registration required

Pre-register at:  www.CrimeStoppersFootPursuit.eventbrite.com

$30/5-k Run
$25/2-mile Walk
(Early Bird Registration before May 1st take $5 off)
(Late registration after August 1st add $5)


9/20/2014 - Shredding Identity Theft

Crime Stoppers
Shredding Identity Theft

Saturday, May 2, 2015
8:00 a.m. to noon

Martin`s Supermarket
Erskine Plaza, South Bend
$10 minimum donation

Bring your personal and business documents and Integra will destroy them on site.  Some staples, paper clips and rubberbands are okay.  They can even shred your computer CDs.

While we ask for a $10 minimum donation, if you have a large volume to shred we appreciate a proportionate donation.

Your donation helps support Crime Stoppers` reward fund.  For more information email us at crimestoppers@southbendin.gov, or call us between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (574) 235-9610. 

FALL SHREDDING:  If you miss us in May, come to Martin`s parking lot at Heritage Square in Granger on September 12th, 2015.


6/23/2014 - 24th Annual Crime Stoppers Golf Scramble

24th Annual
Crime Stoppers Golf Scramble

June 22, 2015
Blackthorn Golf Club
6100 Nimtz Parkway, South Bend

Your $100 entry fee includes:
- 18 holes golf + cart w/GPS
- Participation gift
- Range balls
- Box lunch
- Beverages
- Post-play buffet
-  BOUNCE BACK COUPON (free round of golf)

Schedule of Events:
11:00 - Registration and practice range
12:00 - Shotgun start
5:00 (post-play) - Buffet, silent auction, awards

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop
$20 per ball gets you a chance at $50,000!

Purchase golf balls for $20 each by clicking on "BUY NOW".  Your ball will be assigned and labeled with the next number in the sequence, and you`ll receive notification of that number.  When the last ball is sold, five numbers will be pre-selected and securely sealed. 

On June 22nd, following the 24th Annual Crime Stoppers Golf Scramble at Blackthorn Golf Club (roughly 6:00 p.m.), all the balls will be loaded in a helicopter piloted by South Bend Police Detective Chris Houser.  He`ll hover over a hole and the balls will be dropped. 

When they come to a rest, the ball closest to the hole (or first in the hole) will be identified.  If the number on that ball matches one of the 5 pre-selected numbers the purchaser of that ball wins $50,000!

Guaranteed prizes will also be rewarded to owners of balls closest to the hole.  Those prizes will be posted here when determined. 

To Register:
Online at www.CrimeStoppersGolfScramble.Eventbrite.com
For a brochure email crimestoppers@southbendin.gov
Call (574) 235-9610, Mon-Fri, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

For Helicopter Golf Ball Drop:
Purchase golf balls here...


2/1/2012 - Rewards for Fugitives DOUBLED


Not only is it possible to collect rewards for fugitive tips almost immediately, but the reward amount has been doubled.  Now Crime Stoppers pays $200 for most fugitive tips that lead to an arrest.  Those involving special circumstances, such as an exceptionally dangerous felon, or tipsters that have placed themselves in danger, will be reviewed for an even higher reward amount. 


1/20/2012 - Speedy Reward Process


Crime Stoppers new SPEEDY REWARD process for fugitive arrests


    At the end of December 2011, Michiana Crime Stoppers put in place a new speedy reward process on certain tips that led to the arrest of felony fugitives.  Crime Stoppers is a donor-funded program.  Its board of directors governs the funds, including rewards.  In the past, tips were presented twice monthly to the board for authorization and determination of reward amounts.  This meant that tipsters had to wait sometimes up to three weeks after an arrest before they could claim their reward. 

    The tipster was sent to a bank in downtown South Bend to retrieve their cash reward using their tip number without ever having to show identification.  If a tipster was unable to come to South Bend, other arrangements were made, but that usually meant a face-to-face delivery using Crime Stoppers contacts in other counties.  This was not an optimal situation to ensure anonymity. 

    Now, four more bank branches have been added; one in each Plymouth, Michigan City, St. Joseph, MI, and Elkhart.  This also allows a tipster who may feel intimidated picking up a reward where they and the suspect live to choose a different location. 

    When determining a reward amount, the board of directors takes into consideration the severity of the crime, the number of people arrested, the number of cases solved, the quality of the information contained in the tip, and, when possible to determine, the risk to the tipster.

    Most rewards for information leading to the arrest of fugitives are paid a standard amount.  The reason for this is with fugitives law enforcement knows “who” did it, they just don’t know “where” they are.  There are, however, occasions with special circumstances which will prompt a higher reward amount. 

    The speedy reward process pertains to the standard rewards for fugitives.  In this case, immediately upon verification that a tip led to an arrest, an email is sent to the Executive board of directors requesting approval for the speedy reward.  As soon as approval is received from two members a debit letter is prepared. 

    Since Crime Stoppers does not know names or call-back numbers for our tipsters, we rely on them to contact us to follow up on the status of their tip.  When we determine at which branch the tipster prefers to pick up their cash the debit letter is faxed and the money is immediately available.  Our record, so far, is 30 minutes from arrest to cash available!  (Of course the contingent is that this occurs during the business hours of both the Crime Stoppers staff, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and bank hours). 

    Crime Stoppers posts some fugitives on the website, (MichianaCrimeStoppers.com), as received by law enforcement agencies.  But this represents only a small percentage of people that are actually wanted on warrants.  In other words, tips and rewards are not limited to only those published.  However, rewards are paid only for felonies.  Occasionally, a warrant may become inactive for various reasons.  So, all warrants must be verified prior to arrest. 



4/8/2011 - Michiana Crime Stoppers has an app for that!

It’s never been easier to submit an anonymous tip to Michiana Crime Stoppers.  Now we have an app for that.  In January of 2008, Crime Stoppers unveiled a new website that featured online tip submission.  There, at MichianaCrimeStoppers.com,

tipsters can click on a link which takes them to a secure location to submit information on felony crimes while remaining anonymous.  This link, developed by Tipsoft Online, utilizes a server that scrambles information identifying the tipster’s computer (the IP address), so the tip cannot be traced back to them.  It also allows communication between Crime Stoppers and the tipster.  Photos can even be uploaded to the server.  The tipster will create their own password and be instructed to check back periodically for updates. 


In February, Michiana Crime Stoppers added that same link to our Facebook page.  Now a free app by TipSubmit Mobile can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android operating system.   


Michiana Crime Stoppers chose not to utilize text tips when the service became available a few years ago.  “We are diligent about protecting our tipsters’ anonymity.  Without the personnel to monitor text tips 24 hours a day, we couldn’t know who might have access to the tipster’s phone when we could respond”, said Lt. Cindy Kilgore, program coordinator.  TipSubmit Mobile allows the tipster to communicate with Crime Stoppers when it’s safe for them by logging in with their chosen password. 


Tipsters can still call to submit a tip 24-hours a day, (800) 342-STOP, and (574) 288-STOP. 



9/22/2010 - DataDotDNA

$25.00/kit, 50% goes to Crime Stoppers!

Call or email us to purchase.

DataDotDNA is a property identification system supported by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies across the U.S.  DataDots are about the size of a pepper flake, and are coded with a unique PIN.  After purchasing the kit, the owner registers the PIN online with DataDots database. 

The DataDots are suspended in an adhesive that can be applied like clear nail polish to any item you wish to protect; electronics, jewelry, collectibles, even watercraft.  The number of items depends on how you choose to apply it.  While serial numbers can be altered by thieves, DataDots are extremely hard to detect with the naked eye, and can be applied in numerous locations. 

DataDotDNA serves as a theft deterrent, and as an aid to prosecution in the event your item is stolen.

DataDot Technology USA has partnered with Crime Stoppers USA.  When you purchase a kit through us, DataDots will donate 50% directly to Michiana Crime Stoppers.  Help protect your property, and support Crime Stoppers at the same time. 

Send your check and we`ll mail your kit:
Crime Stoppers
701 W. Sample St.
South Bend, IN  46601


Click on the "Donate" button and use your credit card at the Paypal link.  In the notation make sure you tell us it`s for a kit, and we`ll ship it to you.


Email or call us for more information. 

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